We provide data engineering and model-driven methods to build information & knowledge for data-rich companies.

Datarion in brief


Datarion offers expertise in machine decision making, predictive data analysis and algorithm design. The company combines machine learning and statistical methods into software engineering principles to build automated near-real-time streaming analytics solutions where models are optimized with modern metaheuristics. Datarion provides the art of data science consulting and unique professional training in the field.

Datarion offers algorithm design and implementation. Its expertise is in data-centric algorithms (e.g. Python, R, SQL, Spark, Kafka, Hadoop, cloud platforms) which fight uncertainty with probabilistic reasoning and gathers significant data patterns efficiently. Learning algorithms (machine-, statistical-, adaptive-) make it easier to find causalities within the data. These findings are useful in the future scenario analysis even if your company data is, by definition, historical and looking backward.

In the big picture, modern companies should have clear collaboration between (1) data strategy, (2) business teams and (3) data skills. Without this collaboration, companies might stay data rich, but information poor. Datarion works closely with business-oriented people and company analysts. Our data visualization methods (advanced R & Python, standard Power BI & Tableau) aim to produce information & knowledge and not just nice pictures.

Core Services


Machine Decision

Human decision makers often analyze how to lead the change to form the best optimal scenario. Datarion offers algorithms to let the computer make those decisions even from petabytes of unstructured data with sub-second delays.

Datarion utilizes modern data science methods to extract essential information and anomalies from data, and to calculate the probable future.

Smart algorithms

Smart Algorithm

Lead with good evidence - Datarion's core competence is in building effective and intelligent algorithms. On top of the data-lake and statistical layers, tools such as web dashboards are used to show changes in the KPIs.

In addition to the collected historical data, modern optimization and simulation algorithms make it possible to evaluate the best outcome of the near-future forecasts.

System software development

System Software

Datarion offers modern user interfaces (Bootstrap, Angular) with linux backend solutions. We have experience from the main cloud platforms; Google Cloud Platform, MS Azure and Amazon Web Services. Datarion's mobile development resources are dedicated solely to Android platform.
Datarion has hands-on integration know-how to APIs for example from Salesforce, SAP Business One, Facebook, Safe FME, Nokia NetAct OSS, Remedy ARS.

Professional training


Datarion provides mentoring, data science consulting and courses in Machine Decision Making (5 days) and Mass Data Engineering with Hadoop/Spark (5 days). Course contents can be tailored for the target audience. The largest student group so far has had 20 people with mixed backgrounds from engineering, business and mathematics.

Courses are lectured by M.Sc (Tech.) Markus Virtanen.

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Brief history

Datarion was established in 2015 in Espoo, and is currently based in Helsinki, Finland. Datarion uses 100 % environmental electricity (wind, hydro, solar) in its development work and SaaS services. Datarion has also rented one dedicated 315 Watt solar panel for testing purposes. Datarion has bought 200 square meters of old-growth forest from the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation in order to compensate for the carbon emissions. The area is in Tomteskog in Porvoo, Finland. Datarion has been sponsoring running events and outdoor music events.